Company Secretary Resume

Are you aiming for a company secretary job, yet are puzzled about what information should be included in your resume that will immediately command attention? Put yourself in the shoes of the potential employer, understand their goals and expectations, and you will find that formulating an effective resume is not so difficult.

The role of company secretary comes with a high level of responsibility. When applying for this position, you have to ensure that your resume provides a clear narrative of your management skills, knowledge, professionalism, organization skills and adaptability.

The role demands experience with responsibilities such as the oversight of corporate conduct within the corporation’s applicable regulatory environment, governance structures, board membership, shareholder meetings, listing requirements, training, and other such roles.

This is a very high profile job and the opportunities are extremely difficult to come by, therefore before preparing your resume you have to be aware of the expectations of the target audience. It is advisable to undertake research on the potential employer so that you may address any of their requirements in specific terms. These positions typically demand specific experience and professional skills. Your company secretary resume should be full but concise, focusing on experience, qualifications and skills. It is also imperative to include quality references, as these will most likely be used to separate candidates who appear equal on paper.